The “Turn Down” Challenge

Looking around, I have observed that alcohol & drugs are addictions accepted in my generation. The “turn up” is so real these days; I was once the “turn up queen”. I used to party and drink every night influencing everyone around me to join. Alcohol is how I started coping with everyday frustration. From the outside looking in, you would think I was just always having fun, and I was, but alcohol has really brung me downhill; Black outs, embarrassments, gaining weight and receiving a DUI at the age 21. Since 2012 I’ve been struggling with “turning down” and was sentenced to jail time because of my inability to quit. Since my DUI I’ve learned to drink responsible, but alcohol has still had other negative affects on me that I wouldn’t want anyone else to experience.

Everyone has bad habits and some are accepted differently than others. I just want people to realize that “turning up” is not what’s up. Think of the amount of money we spend on our bad habits/addictions (partying,drugs,alcohol,etc). Ever since I’ve slowed down drinking in 2014, I have saved so much money. Now I am ready to stop drinking completely and would like others to join me in a challenge. Dedicate 60 days to staying clear of whatever your bad habit/addiction may be. See how much of a positive difference it makes in your life.

I started the challenge, will you?

Feel free to keep me updated on your challenge by leaving notes below. Also, leave comments, questions and topics you’d like to discuss.